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What about learning abroad?
The answer is simple... Don't!

We experience about 250 flyable days/year in Sussex. During most of those days, it is possible to fly during much of the day, if not throughout.

With us you will learn in the safe environment of the South Downs, where there are no dry stone walls, no rocks, no cacti, no ridiculously hot weather and consequent strong thermal activity, no crazy, gung ho, foreign 'instructors', no wannabe aerobatic pilots and no myths about how reliable the weather is. Instead you get smooth grassy slopes, mild weather, long days and concientous instruction.

I have completed the training of several pilots who started to learn in Europe. As a rough guide, the French Brevet, which will take you a week and is bandied about as equivalent to our EP, is approximately equivalent to two days flying in Sussex and does not adequately prepare you to embark on the BHPA Club Pilot course.

When I find somewhere safe, warm and reliable that offers conditions similar to the dynamic soaring conditions prevalent in the UK, I'll once more offer beginner training abroad. Until that time, I strongly recommend to anybody that they complete their initial training in the UK.

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