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Instability 2 - Bruce Goldsmith
A DVD designed to help you recognise and recover from a variety of advanced manoeuvres you might encounter. In addition to designing gliders for Ozone and now Airwave, Bruce is the top British pilot in the World Cup. This video will teach you all you need to know about canopy recovery techniques. Image
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NEW! SECURITY IN FLIGHT 2 - double DVD & book
A complete guide to security in flight. with Jocky Sanderson. For all pilots who want to make the most of their cross-country flying, this video is a must. Image
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From nowhere to the middle of nowhere DVD
Alun Hughes and John Silvester. First paraglider crossing of western Nepal. Spectacular in-flight video of a 300 kilometre journey across the wild mountains of Nepal. Nail biting stuff. Image
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Acro Paragliding documentary adventure. Duration 1 hr 2m " .. the New Era voyage was a dream we've had for a long time now. An idea. Doing an absolute journey, playing, discovering, all of us travelling, all friends together, wandering around discovering new sites ...It's like a game.. where the most important thing in this life is to feel good.." Image
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Performance Flying DVD
A high speed laboratory camera has been employed to capture the clearest slow motion sequences of paragliding manouevres in existence. On-board and air-to-air POV cameras get you right in close during loops, SATs, Helicopters and all the popular Acro manouvres, plus the SIV essentials like Spin Recovery, symmetric tucks, twists and stalls. Image
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