We are now also stocking the X-Dream series of reserves including the revolutionary new steerable X-Triange which opens initially with zero forward speed and a soft fast deployment. The full range will include 100 to 220 kg EN certified reserves. 


The X-TRIANGLE is a new kind of paragliding and hanggliding rescue system that combines several advantages of different systems. Not only the shape is new, but also its mode of FUNKTIONING. Immediately after deploying and opening of the canopy, the X-TRIANGLE sinks vertically and does NOT generate any FORWARD MOTION. Thus, this system is also suitable for absolute beginner pilots from the first day on. The pilot is now not forced to catch the paraglider because the X-TRIANGLE does NOT generate an unwanted forward drive immediately after opening and so it can hardly come to a downplane. However, if the situation makes it possible to bring in the paraglider, make it unflyable, or even disconnect it, we recommend that you do so (see the operating manual for more information).


The X-TRIANGLE sinks extremely pendulum-stable due to its novel 3-CORNER CONSTUCTION, the triangular shape has a self-stabilizing effect. If circumstances require it and the pilot has to avoid an obstacle, he | she can initiate the forward drive by pulling one or both control lines and direct the forward motion in the desired direction by pulling a control line (left or right – see operating manual). The X-TRIANGLE is thus the FIRST RESUE device WORLDWIDE which has NO FORWARD TRAVEL travel right after the opening, sinks vertically and begins the controllable forward flight only by actively activating of the pilot. As a result, the X-TRIANGLE is unrestricted for all pilots and advanced levels. The X-TRIANGLE has a low weight, a small pack size, a simple packing method (numbered packloops) and a “Loop In Riser” 



X-Triangle 125  £875 inc. postage  Add to basket.


The Future is Square! 

As one of the first and leading reserve equipment producers, safety and quality are a matter of course to Independence.

They are also in the few reserve producers who can assure you that their reserve parachutes have never been an issue in safety reports. However, a lot of pilots have written to tell of their good experiences in emergencies using Independence equipment.

We have several rescue-parachutes from 50 -300 kg in our selection. The right one for every purse and take-off weight. Of course all our rescue-parachutes are certified according to the LTF (german type approval) and many to EN966 also.


Independence reserve packing kit  £45 inc. postage  Add to basket.


Evo Cross 

The innovative EVO CROSS has set new standards! Remember slow opening times, oscillation and high descent rates? Or worse, the inability to deploy in a spiral drive? All consigned to history!

The EVO CROSS is a reserve system, based on the principle of a military cross canopy. Because of the slight asymmetric canopy design and outlet ports on all corners exceptional oscillation stability and a low sink rate are achieved. These reserves exceed the strict descent rate requirements of EN 12491 by up to 15%.
An opening speed close to the theoretical minimum was realized by a very low and efficient canopy height, a further advantage of which is the reduced liklihood of interference from the main. The short system length as well as the easy way of packing helped us to beat the required EN opening time standards by up to 40%!!!

  • Extremely fast opening time, up to 40% below the approved limit of 5 sec
  • Opening time close to the theoretical minimum
  • Sink rate, up to 15% below the certification limits of 5,5 m/s
  • No oscillation
  • High opening safety, even at negative rotation and spiral dives
  • Low weight
  • Lightweight and resistant materials
  • Orange signal color
  • Certified to LTF/ 91/09 & EN 12491
  • Watch the video above!

  •   reserves.gif 
    Independence reserve packing kit  £45 inc. postage  Add to basket.  
    Description    Area (m^2)   Max. Weight   Weight (pg)   Price       
    EVO Cross 100     25.06    100 kg    1.5 kg    £620  Add to basket.  
    EVO Cross 120    36.81    120 kg    1.9 kg    £650  Add to basket.  
    EVO Cross 160    41.12    160 kg    2.4 kg    £740  Add to basket.  
    Skyman Ultra Cross 100    25    100 kg     0.975 kg    £790  Add to basket.  
    Skyman Ultra Cross 125    33    125 kg    1.195 kg    £850  Add to basket.  
    Skyman Ultra Cross 150    40.3    150 kg    1.585 kg    £885  Add to basket.  

    Annular EVO range 

     The newly developed, extreme lightweight and high-strength fabrics and lines, which we use for the Annular EVO, enable

    a weight reduction of 30% compared with the classic version of the Annular rescue-parachute. 

    • Very low weight of the parachute, by newly developed, light and high-strength materials.
    • Ram-Air-Pockets: For the fastest and safest opening possible with round-canopies! 
    • Certified LTF 35/03 (German type approval) and EN 12491 (European standard).
    Description    Area (m^2)   Max. Weight   Weight (pg)   Price       
    Annular EVO Piccolo    24    85 kg    1.2 kg    £520  Add to basket.  
    Annular EVO 20    32    100 kg    1.55 kg    £540  Add to basket.  
    Annular EVO 22    36    130 kg    1.8 kg    £580  Add to basket.  
    Annular EVO 24    40    160 kg    2.0 kg    £620  Add to basket.  
    Annular EVO 30    65    230 kg    3.1 kg    £840  Add to basket.  


     The Smile is our result from more then 15 years of knowledge in developing and manufacturing rescue parachutes.

     In the last years we were able to set a lot of trends that influenced the building of rescue systems sustainable.

     With the Smile we go one step further! We make rescue systems as cheep as they where 15 years ago

    – and that with the newest technology!

    • Annular Form with an apex line
    • Extremely short opening time
    • Container with drogue canopy for controlled opening
    • High load
    • Two sizes
    • LTF (german type approval)-certified
    Description    Area (m^2)   Max. Weight   Weight (pg)   Price       
    Smile M    32    100 kg    2.3 kg    £365  Add to basket.  
    Smile L    36    119 kg    2.6 kg    £385  Add to basket.  

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