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All harness prices include VAT and post and packaging within the UK. Deliveries further afield will be charged at cost. 

Skyman/INDEPENDENCE coconea 

A seriously lightweight top-notch cocoon harness from the Independence/Skyman stable. Sizes: Medium & Large Medium 3.6kg, for pilots 160 – 180cm Large 3.8kg, for pilots 170 – 195 cm -3 leg cover sizes to choose (S,M,L) - Continuous full-length back protector - Storage bag - Cockpit with instrument deck -Rear Rescue system container, volume from 2500 to 6000 ccm) -licensing:EN1651 & LTF 91/09 EN1651 & LTF 91/09 (Skyman ones are all black)




Coconea S: Total price inc p+p = £770.00 Add to basket.
Coconea M: Total price inc p+p = £770.00 Add to basket.
Coconea L: Total price inc p+p = £770.00 Add to basket.
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Advance Lightness 2 

Well-proven – now perfected. The LIGHTNESS concept created a new category of harness, and now this second generation takes the best of the original and adds to its safety, comfort and style. With a weight from 2.8 kg the LIGHTNESS 2 is a light harness, but, in its current form, it completely satisfies the needs of the ambitious cross country pilot. It has an integrated reserve, certified protector and improved aerodynamics; and again comes with its own rucksack, the LIGHTPACK 2; now including a COMPRESSBAG light.


Lightness 2


Lightness 2 S: Total price inc p+p = £1189.00 Add to basket.
Lightness 2 M: Total price inc p+p = £1189.00 Add to basket.
Lightness 2 L: Total price inc p+p = £1189.00 Add to basket.
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Independence Emotion +

Our new reversible harness Emotion can be transformed with only a few moves from a harness to a rucksack and vice versa!

Despite it´s low weight of only 4.1kg the Emotion is an absolute fully, very comfortable harness, which offers a great feedback to the glider and best flight-characteristics.

Target group of the Emotion are not only alpinists who usually walk up to the take-off, but also all other pilots who follow the trend to lighter harnesses without making any compromise regarding the functionality and comfort.

-light reversible harness with integrated rucksack

-despite the low weight very comfortable

-rescue-parachute container integrated at the bottom

-very light (M size: 4,1kg incl. carabiners)

-LTF (German type approval) and EN (European Norm) - certified


Emotion S: Total price inc p+p = £620.00 Add to basket.
Emotion M: Total price inc p+p = £620.00 Add to basket.
Emotion L: Total price inc p+p = £620.00 Add to basket.
Emotion XL: Total price inc p+p = £620.00 Add to basket.
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Gin Genie Light

The Genie Lite is the luxury harness of choice.

Suitable for a wide range of pilots who wish to fly with the option of a cocoon, ideal for cross country XC, longer flights and for flying with higher performance gliders. The Genie Lite offers benefits of our flagship competition harness, the Genie Race, now available in a lightweight, easy-to-use package with several outstanding features.

Designed to fly far

The GIN test team paid great attention to ergonomics--the shape of the back contours and supports the body in all the right places. Piloting and feedback is very precise yet the stability of the harness offers a reassuring feeling in turbulence. The aerodynamic shape has been honed to perfection and will give you the edge on long glides.

Protection and security

The Genie Lite has a 12cm Ginsoft Lite foam protector and is certified EN and LTF. The Ginsoft Lite extends to the upper back at a thickness of 8.5cm, offering protection even in the case of a rescue deployment. Deployment itself is rapid and reliable due to the rescue container having an extra wide opening. A Safe T-bar and cocoon link system prevents the pilot taking off without fastening the leg and chest straps.

Convenience and versatility

The Genie Lite weighs only 4.6kg (M size including carbon seat plate and carbon footplate), yet still offers excellent durability due to the use of advanced materials such as Dyneema. The Genie Lite comes complete with its own flight deck which holds up to 5L of ballast, and additional storage (3L) is available in a pocket under the seat. The built-in speed system is supplied with Harken pulleys and there are additional loops to fit larger pulleys. In case the cocoon is not required, it is easily detachable.


  • Detachable cocoon
  • Safe T system for chest/leg straps
  • Chest strap/cocoon safety link
  • Integrated speed system with Harken pulleys
  • Detachable flight deck
  • Ballast compartment under seat
  • Drinks system-ready
  • Whistle
  • Front pocket in cocoon 
genie light
Genie Light S: <175cm Total price inc p+p = £949.00 Add to basket. 
Genie Light M: 170-185 cm Total price inc p+p = £949.00 Add to basket. 
Genie Light L: >180 cm Total price inc p+p = £949.00 Add to basket. 
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Woody Valley X-ALPS GTO


Certified lightweight canoe harness designed for beginners through to high performance and competition flying.

Very well integrated instrument holder.

The instrument holder can be used as a ballast container with a capacity of 4 litres or a second reserve container can be fitted.

Under seat ballast container.

Stowage capacity for vol bivouac gear. 


in flight recline, shoulder and waist strap adjustment possible 

Ram Air inflated tail section for improved aerodynamics.

Carbon seat plate

Good pockets accessible in flight with tie in loops. 


  • 2nd reserve container
  • right or left hand reserve (l/h made to order)


  • Reserve parachute pocket under the seat; handle on the right.
  • Large 12 cm full length back protector
  • Anti forget DRC (muppet strap)


Italian sizing. eg I am 1.8m tall in shoes and I take a large!


Delivered with: accelerator, mousse bag, reserve maillons, parachute handle and reserve parachute bridles. 




Woody Valley X-Alps GTO MEDIUM Total Price inc p+p = £950 Add to basket.
Woody Valley X-Alps GTO LARGE Total Price inc p+p = £950 Add to basket.
Woody Valley X-Alps GTO EXTRA LARGE Total Price inc p+p = £950 Add to basket.

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