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Lightweight Harnesses

All harness prices include VAT and post and packaging within the UK. Deliveries further afield will be charged at cost. 

Advance Lightness 2 

Well-proven – now perfected. The LIGHTNESS concept created a new category of harness, and now this second generation takes the best of the original and adds to its safety, comfort and style. With a weight from 2.8 kg the LIGHTNESS 2 is a light harness, but, in its current form, it completely satisfies the needs of the ambitious cross country pilot. It has an integrated reserve, certified protector and improved aerodynamics; and again comes with its own rucksack, the LIGHTPACK 2; now including a COMPRESSBAG light.


Lightness 2


Lightness 2 S: Total price inc p+p = £1189.00 Add to basket.
Lightness 2 M: Total price inc p+p = £1189.00 Add to basket.
Lightness 2 L: Total price inc p+p = £1189.00 Add to basket.
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Independence Emotion +

Our new reversible harness Emotion can be transformed with only a few moves from a harness to a rucksack and vice versa!

Thereby the already ligthweight harness offers the advantage that no separate packsack with additional weight is needed anymore.

Despite it´s low weight of only 4.1kg the Emotion is an absolute fully, very comfortable harness, which offers a great feedback to the glider and best flight-characteristics.

The packsack of our reversible harness is big enough to store a complete paragliding-gear, and because of it´s compact shape it is very comfortable to carry and offers a good load distribution.

A total innovation at the Emotion is the rescueparachute-innercontainer with it´s integrated release-handle (this container is availabel in several sizes). Up to now the release handle and the innercontainer were two separate parts, which have to be combined first, usually by stowing. Not so at the Emotion: Here the release-handle and the innercontainer are one unit! Thereby the installation of the rescue-parachute to the harness is defined more clearly. A wrong mounting of the rescue-parachute to the harness, for example caused by a wrong fixing of the handle to the innercontainer, is not possible anymore!

Of course the Emotion is equipped with a dual-chamber airbag-protector and is certified according to LTF (german type approval) and EN (European Norm). Target group of the Emotion are not only alpinists who usually walk up to the take-off, but also all other pilots who follow the trend to lighter harnesses without making any compromise regarding the functionality and comfort.


-light reversible harness with integrated rucksack

-despite the low weight very comfortable

-rescue-parachute container integrated at the bottom

-Innercontainer combined with release-handle, this reduces the risk of a wrong installation of the rescue-parachute

-very light (M size: 4,1kg incl. carabiners)

-LTF/EN-certified airbag back-protector
-available in 4 sizes (S,M,L,XL)

-LTF (German type approval) and EN (European Norm) - certified




Emotion S: Total price inc p+p = £580.00 Add to basket.
Emotion M: Total price inc p+p = £580.00 Add to basket.
Emotion L: Total price inc p+p = £580.00 Add to basket.
Emotion XL: Total price inc p+p = £580.00 Add to basket.
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Kruyer is the new lightweight harness from Kortel Design.

Kruyer the most adaptable and the most comfortable mountain harness on the market today!

Kruyer is the first lightweight harness with a flexible concept: The Kruyer has removable reinforcement panels that can be removed in a moment: ideal for short flights after a long walk in the mountains. When removed the weight is reduced.

For long flights and maximum comfort leave the reinforcement panels in place. The overall weight is still lighter than most mountain harnesses and the reinforcement panels maximise comfort .

Sizes 4 sizes will be available, from Small to Extra Large. Currently only the Medium and Large are available. The others are coming soon!

size M -180cm size L +180cm

Weight of the Kruyer

Medium: 374g without panels, 502g with panels.

Large: 448g without panels, 592g with panels.

Options SaK, reversable and removable bag with airbag back protector, already proven reliable with the Kairn, and adapts to the Kruyer.

Kontainer, external parachute container that attaches easily!

Homologation EN1651 & 12491

Kruyer & Sak M: Total price inc p+p = £400.00 Add to basket.
Kruyer & Sak L: Total price inc p+p = £400.00 Add to basket.
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Kortel Kairn


The Kairn is Kortel Design’s response to the mountain harness concept.
Our first prototypes were light, very light, comparable with models already on the market. And then we went flying with them….
Then we tried equivalent products.
Ouch! Do people really fly with these? Really fly?
Because it wouldn’t occur to us to do so.
So we decided to produce a harness, not quite as light perhaps, but oh so much more comfortable.
The Kairn, 750g, also made for flying. Serial number and size are situated on the pilot backpack.


2 sizes are :

  • up to 180cm, size M
  • 180cm and above , size L


  • size M : 750g
  • size L : 790g


The SaK, a removable, reversible bag/airbag back protector.








Kairn & Sak M: Total price inc p+p = £350.00 Add to basket.
Kairn & Sak L: Total price inc p+p = £350.00 Add to basket.
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Kortel Karver



The Karver is the fruit of over a year of development. The initial objectif was to create a speedriding harness by starting from scratch and not just by modifying a paragliding harness to adapt it to this sport.

Speedriding being the conjunction of several sports we took inspiration from several existing concepts. The Karver could be presented as being the fusion of a lightweight paragliding harness, a skydiving harness and a kite harness.
But the Karver is ultimately more than a synthesis of these three things. It is in itself an innovative concept. It is quite simply the first harness without shoulder straps. The purpose of shoulder straps is to take the weight of a harness during the take-off phase. They contribute nothing to the comfort of the harness, the back support being completely independent.
The Karver is a lightweight harness, thus shoulder straps would be of no utility, so we quite simply removed them. To prevent the harness from slipping and in order to guarantee the safety of the pilot if tipped upside down (a rare occurrence you will agree) we have integrated a lumbar belt into the harness.

With use it becomes obvious that the Karver is much more than a speedriding harness. Its astonishing level of comfort, its modularity and the feeling of freedom that it provides also make it ideal for standard paragliding usage for those that do not require back protection at all costs.


  • The buckle that fastens the lumbar belt is of the pass through type but of a new generation, easy to fasten and to undo, even wearing gloves. It is no longer necessary to force the buckle through sideways. The same goes for undoing the buckle, a simple movement suffices.
  • Thanks to the automatic buckles on the leg straps the Karver is easy to put on in all circumstances even with skis, there are no leg loops to step through.
  • These automatic buckles are designed to be used in the snow. The red cleat guaranties that the buckle locks correctly and is easily visible, snow is easily removed, and if the buckle were to freeze it would be in a locked position and thus would not compromise the pilot’s safety. Nevertheless it is essential to verify that the buckles are correctly fastened before taking off!
  • We have developed a rear tandem reserve pocket in response to the demand of professional pilots who absolutely want to benefit from the advantages that the Karver has to offer. (see pictures below)


4 sizes are available:

  • up to 160 cm, size S
  • from 160cm to 180cm, size M
  • from 180cm to 195cm, size L
  • above, size XL


Including quicklink:

  • Size S: 1kg
  • Size M: 1.1kg
  • Size L: 1.2kg
  • Size XL: 1.3kg


The Karver is delivered with stainless steel quicklinks.


EN 1651 ongoing

The Karver has no back protection.

Karver S: Total price inc p+p = £300.00 Add to basket.
Karver M: Total price inc p+p = £300.00 Add to basket.
Karver L: Total price inc p+p = £300.00 Add to basket.
Karver XL: Total price inc p+p = £300.00 Add to basket.
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Gin YETI harness

Yeti: Ultra-light gliders, harnesses and rucksacks

The new Yeti convertible harness/rucksack has been totally re-thought and redesigned for 2011 to fit the requirements of pilots who appreciate hiking before taking off.


This ultra light harness is ideal for high mountains and long treks. Increased comfort while walking is achieved by a narrower and longer rucksac, a smart load distribution system and a unique back geometry with ergonomic, breathable 3D mesh reinforcements.

Not only have modern materials and a narrower 12mm webbing been used to decrease the weight, but the new geometry of the harness with back reinforcements also offers an unrivalled comfort for all.

Your wing will also feel much more precise to handle than with any other mountain harness due to the smart double webbing system of the leg straps.

In addition, the Yeti harness is perfect for front mounted rescue systems, with connection points on the shoulder straps and a side tunnel to cover the rescue bridle.

Main features:
> Side mesh pocket and front pocket on bag side
> External poles, ice axe and helmet holders
> Gear loop and pocket on belt
> Camelback routing
> Ergonomic 3D mesh back contact with ventilation system
> Split legs geometry
> Rescue attachment points on shoulder straps for easy setup of rescue system in front position
> Side tunnel cover for the rescue bridle
> Attachment points to clip the optional Yeti airbag
> Lightweight, manual pass through buckles on chest and leg straps
> Rings for speed bar system

The Yeti has no back protection.

Gin Yeti harness: Total price inc p+p = £219.00 Add to basket.
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