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  Excellent Spanish made trikes. Unlike many other retailers, our trike prices include VAT, carriage, duty, etc.

AIRFER MINI JET - From £2950

The new legend in the Sub 70kg world


Mini-Jet Delta Trike

We are pleased to offer you the new folding Airfer Mini-Jet trike for hang gliders/nanolights.

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This latest version of the trike is very easy to transport, as the trike can be FOLDED in two, and is completely demountable should you only have a really small space in which to store or transport it.

The Mini-Jet is produced using mirror polished rectangular stainless steel tubes and sheet, combining these materials in a light but strong and resistant design.


Complete Trike weight with Moster 185 Plus: 36 kg

Overall length: 1,77 m

Rear axle width (standard): 1,53 m

Standard Fuel tank: 10 litres. (Supplied modified to limit capacity to your preset maximum to keep the CAA happy.)

Propeller: 2 separate blades carbon 130 cm Helix.

The hammock style harness is produced in high-resistance fabric with reinforced straps, including pilot waist and shoulder straps. An optional crotch strap is also supplied.

The rear axle torsion bars are 7075 aluminium providing very good stability, compliance and damping, with suitable attenuation for grass strips.

The front wheel is fitted with a cable operated disk brake.

The wheels are 370 mm diameter with intermediate sized pneumatic tyres suitable for grass strips, rather than the slim 'hard ground' wheels fitted to most other sub70 trikes. We can supply the smaller wheels as a no cost option.

CONTROL: The Mini-Jet has a foot throttle for take off & landing and a hand throttle for cruise.

ENGINE: Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY20 engine.

PROPELLER: standard trike delivery with 2 blades carbon propeller 130 cm.

FINISH: standard finish on “mirror” polished stainless steel or any RAL colour as option (on stainless steel).

We can also offer heavier pilots the Mini-Jet in a heavier reinforced version with the higher powered Polini Thor 250 motor. Do contact us if you need further information on this option

Further engine options will become available in the near future.

Price include packaging, duty, VAT and delivery to mainland UK.


Airfer Mini-Jet c/w Wings

Licence-free flying


Mini-Jet c/w Grif ZOE

We can also offer the Mini-Jet as a complete aircraft with a choice of wings:

Grif Zoe 12m Touring wing. Designed with a 35mph trim speed for the performance orientated Sub-70 pilot.


ZOE... The new model of the Nanolight series, small and agile, practical and fun, the evolution continues.

Light and responsive in pitch and roll with a good cruise speed, the Zoe is more touring orientated than the Fox 13T and better suited to pilots with a little more experience who will better appreciate its speed and agility.

That said, it is not beyond the average hang glider pilot to quickly master, especially if they have some previous powered hang gliding experience.

Wing surface

12,8 m2

Wing span

  9,4 ml


 190 kg

V. Stall.

Below 20 mph

V. Min.

35 km/h

Cruise speed

62 km/h

V. Max

85 km/h

Wing’s weight

26,2 kg



Length max

5,42 ml

Length quick  (short package)

4,58 ml

Length min

3,57 ml

An estimated £170 additional charge will be payable for delivery of the wing to us.

These prices include a Moster powered Mini Jet trike.

There is an optional PX20 mylar leading edge, to which may be added vortex generators to reduce the stall speed and make the stall softer, ideal for heavier pilots or those seeking more relaxed handling without significant performance penalty


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