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Have you ever dreamed of soaring like a bird?

Winging It can make that dream a reality. Purchase all your flying needs from us online, over the phone or in person in our real physical shop!

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Package Deals

By purchasing your equipment together with your training course when you start training, or immediately after a taster day, you can make huge savings!

Bronze package - £3959, saving over £550: Pro Design Cuga wing, Skyman Hike harness, 10 day club pilot course.

Bronze Package £3959  Add to basket.

Silver package - £6099, saving over £850: Advance Alpha wing, Advance Easiness harness with airbag, Skyman Ultracross Reserve, Sup'Air Pilot Helmet, Flymaster LS Vario and Open-ended club pilot course.

Silver Package £6099  Add to basket.

Gold package - £6799, saving over £1000: Advance Epsilon 9 wing, Advance Lightness harness, X-Dream X-Triangle steerable reserve, Neo Hexagon Helmet, Flymaster GPS Vario and Open-ended club pilot course.

Gold Package £6799  Add to basket.


Monetary Gift Vouchers

If you just want to buy a monetary gift voucher you can do so here. Valid indefinitely, but prices may change.:

One Thousand Pound Gift Voucher - £1000  Add to basket.

One Hundred Pound Gift Voucher - £100  Add to basket.

Ten Pound Gift Voucher - £10  Add to basket.