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A range of reserves including square, steerable triangular and annular designs.

Square Reserves

Light, fast deploying and uncomplicated!


Lightweight Square Reserve



The reserve EVO Cross was our first cruciform rescue system. Being the vanguard of this technology, we could set new standards for rescue parachutes. Very low sink rates, best pendulum stability and very fast openings - the system has proven its value in numerous tests and emergency situations, which made us by far the leading manufacturer of cruciform reserves. NEW among this series: Evo Cross 235! Cruciform rescue parachute EVO Cross The EVO Cross series combines highest pendulum stability, lowest sink rates and fastest opening times in one rescue system. Thus EVO Cross is one of the most reliable available rescue systems. All major organisers of security trainings in Germany and abroad, who have tested EVO Cross, agree: "EVO CROSS - the square of safety." Another important detail regarding safety attributes is the fabric colour: orange is clearly visible in a forest, on a rock or almost every other surface. Extremely fast opening - up to 40% below admissible value of 5 seconds
Close to notional specified minimum opening time
Low sink rate, up to 15% below required sink rate of 5,5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions
No pendulum movements
High opening certainty even in case of spiral dive or negative rotations
Very low system weight, achieved by using light, high tensile and well-proven material
Extremely high quality standards regarding material selection and manufacturing
Fabric colour: orange
Certified according to LTF 91/09 and EN 12491



Ultralight Square Reserve



The Ultra Cross series, our lightest hight-performance reserve represents what's technically feasible nowadays in manufacturing rescue parachutes. With only 790g Ultra Cross 75 is an extremely light rescue system. And the new rescue parachute Ultra Cross 210 is the world's lightest tandem reserve, certified according to LTF and EN. For every purpose an ideal reserve! Cruciform rescue parachute Ultra Cross A unique fabric exclusively manufactured for independence, made of 10D sturdy Nylon 6.6 with only 22 g/m² weight and extremely light, yet high tensile Dyneema lines and ribbons, made it possible to develop these inventive reserves. The effective cruciform construction combined with defined outlet ports at each corner leads to a steady flow around the canopy, which provides an outstanding pendulum stability of all our cruciform parachutes. Precisely calculated suspension points for the lines maximise the projected surface and additionally reduce the parachute's sink rate. Due to these innovations, we were able to stay even below a required sink rate of 5,5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions - during certification tests we stayed up to 15% below that threshold. Extremely short opening times, which come very close to notional specified minimum, have been achieved by a low, thus efficient, canopy height. Due to short system length and the way it is packed, it stayed up to 40% below admissible opening times. Extremely fast opening - up to 40% below admissible value of 5 seconds
Lowest sink rate, up to 15% below required sink rate of 5,5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions
No pendulum movements at descent
High opening certainty even in case of spiral dive or negative rotations
Deployment bag with seperate pocket for the lines
Very light due to uncoated 22g 10D material; only 790g for 75kg total load
Yellow fabric
Certified according to LTF/ 91/09 and EN 12491


Triangular Steerable Reserves

All the benefits of a square and steerable!

X-Dreamfly X-Triangle


X Dream-fly X Triangle

We didn´t just match a few existing systems together, no we developed a complete new rescue system. Not only the shape is new, but also its mode of FUNCTIONING. Immediately after deploying and opening of the canopy, the X-TRIANGLE sinks vertically and does NOT generate any FORWARD MOTION. The canopy is FULLY SYMMETRIC straight after the opening. There is no pre-brake like on a rogallo canopy.

The pre-brake on a rogallo brings just a little slow down of the forward speed and definitely NOT a slowing down to zero speed. A rogallo rescue is already from the construction side build asymmetrically and has always a GIVEN FORWARD motion, without this motion the rogallo would stall like a paraglider.

That´s one of the big differences to our new X-TRIANGLE system. Because of the SYMMETRICAL CONSTRUCTION of the X-TRIANGLE this rescue DOESN´T start to fly forward after the deployment and reduces so the danger of a down-plane (scissor position) substantially. With a rogallo the pilot should at least destroy the paraglider, bring it in or disconnect it from the harness to avoid a possible down-plane. Who already experienced this one´s during flying (and not in a SIV, because there the pilot knows what is coming next) knows what he can expect in a worst case scenario.

Thus, the X-TRIANGLE system is also suitable for absolute beginner pilots from the first day on. The pilot is now not forced to catch the paraglider after a rescue opening because the X-TRIANGLE does NOT generate an unwanted FORWARD DRIVE immediately after opening and so it can hardly come to a down-plane. However, if the situation makes it possible we recommend to bring in the paraglider, make it unflyable, or even disconnect it.
(see the operating manual for more information)

The X-TRIANGLE sinks extremely pendulum-stable due to its novel 3-CORNER CONSTRUCTION, the triangular shape has a self-stabilizing effect. If the CIRCUMSTANCES REQUIERE it and the pilot has to avoid an OBSTACLE or to make a POINT LANDING, he|she can initiate the FORWARD DRIVE by pulling one or both control lines and STEER the forward motion in the desired direction by pulling a control line – left or right.
(see operating manual)

The X-TRIANGLE is the FIRST RESCUE device WORLDWIDE which has NO FORWARD SPEED right after the opening, SINKS VERTICALLY and begins the CONTROLLABLE FORWARD FLIGHT only by ACTIVELY ACTIVATING of the pilot. As a result, the X-TRIANGLE is unrestricted for ALL pilots.


Annular Reserves

Traditional reliability


Lightweight Annular Reserve



The series name Annular stands for quality, reliability and countless successfull rescue openings. With the Annular EVO series, we even managed to improve its well-proven technology at some essential attributes, which made it the lightweight among annular parachutes! Rescue parachute: lightweight Annular EVO Our development progress, especially in material development, resulted in essential advantages regarding weight reduction and strength. In our Annular EVO series we use a new, extremely light and highly tensile fabric and lines, thus achieve a weight reduction of 30% compared to Annular Classic. Annular EVO is serially equipped with deployment accelerators (RAM air pockets)! For fast and reliable openings even at low speed. Thus Annular EVO series combines well-known low sink rate and pendulum stability of Annular Classic with innovative material to rEVOlutionary good lightweight rescue system. Extremely high standards for material selection and production
Well-proven annular shape
Low sink rate
Low pendulum risk
Very low weight, light and durable material
Ram air pockets: for the fastest and most reliable opening ever achieved in annular parachutes
New deployment container technology for fast opening
Clearly visible fabric colour: orange
Certified according to LTF 35/03 and EN 12491



We recommend 105 kg max



Everyone needs an Angel… even though no one really wants to use theirs. However, the fact is that when the time comes, the most important factors are safety and stability with a low sink rate for a gentle and controlled descent. The Angel 140 is certified to 140kg, meaning that even a pilot with a total in-flight weight of 140kg will have a stable descent of near or less than the tested result of 5.24m/s, and most pilots will have a slower descent with this size. The high stability and low sink rate, coupled with its affordable price and light weight make it a safe and popular choice for pilots of all abilities.

When it comes to stability and safety in round reserves, there is no substitute for surface area. For that reason, all sizes of the Angel are “big” in terms of surface, while still very light, and provide plenty of margin for the weight ranges they are certified to carry. In its three sizes, the Angel covers all pilot weights up to 140kg (total suspended inflight weight, including reserve). It is certified EN and LTF to the EN 12491 and LTF 91/09 standards. The Angel is available in 2 bridle options: Y bridle (for harnesses with no bridles) and Short Bridle (for harnesses with integrated bridles).

Although light, the Angel has been fully optimised for safety and reliability rather than weight. When it comes to parachute construction, weight saving often compromises safety – for example thinner, lighter line sets can and do fail in certain deployment configurations due to friction cuts. The Angel’s polyamide lines are burn resistant to 200 C, while some other lightweight parachute lines are made from Dyneema and are only resistant to 80 C. This is an important distinction and we recommend that pilots educate themselves about the ultralight equipment that they use. Polyamide lines are far superior due to their elongation properties and burn resistance. The Angel’s materials have been chosen for optimum durability and damage-resistance for a greater margin of safety, even in the most extreme situations.

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